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Nature Ray Resort is recommended as the best resorts in Nawalaparasi which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and captivating river view. Most of our guests take a walk along the riverside when they first arrive to enjoy the beautiful view of the river.


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Nature Ray


Our facilities bring together decades of expertise in event planning and a convenient location in the heart of Rupandehi with stunning views of the city and River.

  • Professional Wedding Planning
  • Wifi-internet Access
  • Catering Service

Nature Ray


Many recipes you see these days call for a long list of ingredients and dining out offers elaborate dishes with various influences, flavor profiles and creative touches. When you compare this to the food in a country, many customers are surprised by the simplicity of the dishes.

  • Delicious and Healty Food
  • Fast Services
  • Friendly Waiters

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River View

You can enjoy with our service and facilities by observing River.


Free & Unlimited Wifi

We provide free and unlimited wifi and sharing your day with your friend and family.


Airport Pick Up

We also provide airport pick up facilities.And we pick up from any station.



There’s no doubt that breakfast has always been popular with diners, not every restaurant concept is suited for early risers. Nature Ray River resorts built whole brands around eggs, bacon, and pancakes, making breakfast an anytime meal.

If you are looking for a way to increase revenue at your restaurant and reach more customers, you may think adding breakfast hours will do the trick. After all, you would only be taking on three or four hours to your existing work day. We offer breakfast Plain Toast, Toast Butter/ Jam/ Honey, Omlette( Plain, Masala, Cheese, Mushroom, Chicken), Sandwitch(Club,Cheese, Veg, Egg, Chicken)-with Fried, Other(Aloo/Gobi Paratha with Curd, Puri Sabji, Channa Annada).

  • Toast
  • Omlette
  • Sandwitch

Nepal's most distinctive dishes are probably dal bhat and tarkari, and the popular momos (dumplings). But Nepal has become the food variety of the world as the international cuisine that is available around the country is quite impossible to find in any other place. From continental, Italian, Mexican, Russian to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Singaporean, Korean, Japanese and even Naga food, you name it, all within a few square miles. Then there are the amazing variety of local cuisine such as Thakali, Newari and food of the ethnic minorities.

Most popular lunch item in our resort are Mutton Khana Set, Chicken Khana Set, Veg Khana Set.

  • Mutton Khana Set
  • Chicken Khana Set
  • Veg Khana Set

Ask any Nepali what their favourite khaja/snacks is and you’re likely to get a laugh and a ‘momo, chowmin, of course!’ While it’s imperative that you get used to eating momo and chowmin several times a week (if not, one time a day), there are plenty of other delicious traditional Nepali dishes and foreign deshes that you should try while in Nature Ray View Resort. Here are our favourites.

We offer momo(veg, chicken, mutton, banana), Rice Noodles/Thukpa(veg/non-veg), Chup Suey(American, Chinese, veg).

  • Momo
  • Chop Suey
  • Thukpa

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